Just a little more about our football game last week. It’s especially painful to write about. We were actually ahead 23-0 in the third quarter, so you can imagine how painful it was to lose the game.  The only positive about the losing was that our friend Paul Schudel is the head coach there in Stuttgart. Still very painful.

It was fun to have Dave Pfeffer on the sidelines.  He looked very official and offered moral support. He had coached football a long time ago. (Wrestling is his sport.)

So we move on. Our game this week is against the Marburg Mercenaries on Sunday. We played them before and lost by one point. They’re undefeated and in first place. When we played them last time their quarterback was out. So it won’t be easy. We go there to play this time. We’ll let you know what happens. Go Canes!

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