Fussen and Oberammergau

After we left Meersburg on Friday we drove on to Fussen which is the town closest to the Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau castles. We stayed right in Fussen this time in the Altstadt Hotel. It has a delicious restaurant. We walked around town and then ate. Then we had a game of Quiddler.  

On Saturday the Pfeffers toured the castles while Al and I walked in the woods around the lake nearby. I’m posting some of the pictures from the walk. It was perfect weather.  The mountains were spectacular!

After having lunch by the castles, we drove to the Zugspitz which requires an incredibly scenic drive through the mountains. The Zugspitz is the highest peak in Germany. Al, Dave, and Bonnie went to the lift to ride to the top. (I’m a coward.). The Zugspitz was sticking its peak into a cloud. The lift operator told them that it was the last ride of the day. Then he told them they would only be able to stay up there ten minutes. Also there was no view because of the cloud. And they would have to pay €50 each for the experience. Needless to say, they didn’t go up. But our drive was worth it. We went to Grainau, a small town nearby and had ice cream instead. 🙂

We had reservations in Oberammergau for the night – not far away. We drove there. When we got to our hotel no one was there and there was a note on the door. Our inn keeper was at a festival in town.  Someone called him and as soon as we got checked in, we headed to the festival. 

The festival was a classic.  People were dressed in dirndle dresses and lederhosen.  There were people doing folk dances. There was music and there was great food and of course beer and wine.  Then came the rain, but we huddled under a big umbrella over the table. We were with two Americans working in Germany. We had a lot of fun talking to them. He was an ex Air Force pilot and she was a lieutenant colonel in the Air Force.  The rain came down, but the fun continued. We finally walked back to our hotel and we were all good and wet.

In  the morning, Sunday, we walked around Oberammergau. It was quiet since things are closed on Sunday. It is a classic Bavarian town and the town where they have the Passion Play every ten years. It was a promise made to God hundreds of years ago for sparing their town from the plague. People come from around the world to see the play.  Only residents of Oberammergau can perform.  The next year the play will be performed will be the year 2020.

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