A Quick Note

I’ve been neglecting the blog because we’ve been so busy.  Deb Runkle  came last Wednesday and our friends Dave and Bonnie Pfeffer came on Thursday.  Pfeffers, Al and I just got back from a three day swing through the Black Forest to Bavaria and then to Rothenburg. There’s so much to write, but Pfeffers, Deb and I are headed to Paris for 2 1/2 days first thing in the morning on the fast train. So I’m taking notes and pictures and I’ll update soon.

Al and Dan will be busy with football while we’re gone.  We didn’t have a game last weekend. This Saturday we play Stuttgart. 

2 thoughts on “A Quick Note

  1. I just organized all of our travel data…. everything is a blur right now, but from all the brochures and tickets, it was definitely a lot of fun. Can’t wait to start going through the pictures…. 1200 in all for me. Norm has another 1200 on his camera and phone. Eager to hear more about your recent trip to Bavaria and Paris, but for now, just enjoy it!

  2. Wow the fun just keeps happening…Randy shared your email to him Al about pancakes etc at the JOhnsons…Kathleen is leaving today for two days to help Werner..all is going well but they take turns helping etc. when he recovers. Glad that will all be done so next year we will invade you guys. Good luck on game coming up…you are so right about injuries, especially to your key players….Chuck

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