Monday -Our Drive Continued

After a terrific breakfast at the Gasthof Sonne we headed to Triberg. There were two reasons to go there. One, it has the largest waterfall in Germany. Eric, our grandson loves waterfalls. We wanted to check it out in case he comes to visit. Two, Triberg is known for its Cuckoo Clocks. Al bought one once in Michigan. We sold it last summer at a garage sale. He wanted another one.

Triberg is another picturesque town. The waterfall is in seven parts. We just saw the lower two. It’s a walk to get up to the others. We’ll do that if Eric comes!

There were many shops advertising cuckoo clocks.  Many of the shops were catering to souvenir seekers. Al found a man who makes the clocks himself. They’re all wood. They’re beautiful. Norm and Mary were patient. Al takes his time deciding things. We really hadn’t planned to get one that day, but we did. He found one he loves and it is being shipped home. It is lovely. 

We drove on to Durbach on the Weinstrasse.  (Wine Road). Here we had a great lunch and then tasted and bought some wine from the area.  In Durbach we were in the valley with the vineyards growing on those impossibly steep hills.  

We headed home after Durbach. We had reservations for dinner at our schnitzel restaurant. We didn’t want Ritters to miss that experience!

This morning we took Norm and Mary to the train station. They rode the fast train back to Paris. They’re supposed to fly home tomorrow but there’s a strike that may complicate things. We hope not. Tomorrow morning Deb Runkle flies into Frankfurt, so we’re hoping all the flights don’t get delayed. We were sad to see Ritters leave. We’re excited for Deb’s arrival!

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