Not to Be

We came so close last night to winning our game against Marberg. It would have been a huge win. Marburg beat the league champions of the league, Schwabisch Hall, last week.  We were ahead the entire game. They had a completed pass down the sidelines and their player got to the end zone. They went for two and made it. So life goes on, but it’s so tough to loose when you come so close.

On to happier things!  On Friday our friends Norm and Mary came. They are childhood friends of Al’s.  They’ve been in France for about two weeks and just completed an eleven day river cruise down the Seine which they loved. 

We drove to Mettlach on Friday afternoon and had ice cream. Then we came back to the flat for schwenken. The Kellers got a fire going and we had fresh baguettes from France with fabulous sausages!  Then we had Somemores roasted over the fire. We had to improvise because we couldn’t find graham crackers.  Brad thought of using these great cookies they have here with chocolate on one side. Oh, they were good Somemores!  Michael who really was the force behind our evening because he’s been wanting a campfire, also wanted to bake bread on a stick over the campfire.  He had done that at scouts when he was ten. He’d found the recipe online. We did that too, and it was really good!  It was a wonderful evening. Thank you Kellers!

Yesterday, Norm and Mary and I went into Saarbrucken so that I could show them downtown. Al was busy with football. Now, this morning the four of us are leaving on a short two day drive through the Black Forest. We’ll go to Baden Baden and Freiburg. The weather has turned rainy but I’m sure we’ll still have lots to see.

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