Enjoying a Win, But Preparing for Next Week

The days go by quickly. Al is so busy now preparing for practices and the next game. But we do find time to get away here and there. 

Yesterday Runk, Al and I drove up to Saarlouis. It’s a smaller town, but full of pretty squares, many outdoor cafes and plenty of shopping. We had lunch at an Italian cafe. We sat outside. The weather has been wonderful this week. 

Last night we had a real treat. Brad took Michael, Runk, Al and I out for dinner. He said he wanted to do this before he leaves. This will be his last game on Saturday. Then he’s doing some traveling before heading home. We’re all going to miss him. He helps Al and Dan so much coaching, and with all the technology that coaching requires these days.

He took us to the Woll restaurant. It’s in France overlooking the Saar valley. It’s beautiful there!  We sat outside and the view is spectacular. There are some war memorials nearby that we walked to after we ate. It was a strategic point – up so high.  There is a memorial to the 70th Division U.S. Trailblazers. 

When we got home, Michael said he just couldn’t go in. It was such a perfect night. So Michael, Karin, Bosco and I walked on a path through a forest, by a stream and lake and back home. Luckily Michael had a flashlight. It was dark in the woods. 

The flowers are so much fun to look at when Al and I walk in the morning. The roses are starting to bloom. There are poppies, peonies, columbine, snapdragons, rhododendron, lupine, and so many more that I don’t know the names of. 

Tomorrow morning we pick up Norm and Mary at the train station.  We’re excited! They’ve been on a tour in Europe and now they’re coming here before they head back to North Carolina. We’re looking forward to doing some short trips and showing them Saarbrucken!  They’ll help us cheer on the Canes on Saturday. Go Canes!

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