Enjoying the Win

We’ve had a good several days. On top of winning the game, the sun has been out two days in a row.  Not something we take for granted. 

Here are a few more details about our game.  It was a struggle the entire game. I can’t repeat the things Al has said about the officiating.  We had to win in spite of the officials. They have some crazy ideas for rules. Our two touchdowns were long runs by Andre Buford. One was a return on a kick that looked like he was stopped at least five times.  But miraculously he got away each time and kept on running. He is strong and fast. It was a 70 yard run. His other touchdown came on a third down play from our 2 or 3 yard line. Again he suddenly broke free and flew down the sideline all the way to the end zone. He is truly amazing. Our defense got the job done too. They had four interceptions.  We got some very bad calls that kept drives alive just when we had the Wiesbaden team stopped. But the D persevered and did what they had to do  – like preventing the two point conversion after Wiesbaden’s second touchdown.  The offense had two important drives in the second half. The most important was the one that ate up the last 3:14 minutes in the game. So everyone came through!

Now Al and Runk are sweating out our game this weekend. We play the Marburg Mercenaries. They are supposed to be one of the top teams. Ug. After our game this weekend we’ll have a week off. That’s good!

Last night we took the crew to the schnitzel place. (There have been pictures.).  Jaron, Kaitlin and Luc, our Polish player hadn’t been there. There was a lot of schnitzel on the table!  Poor Kaitlin had to watch a lot of meat being eaten. She’s a vegetarian. She was a good sport though and said she liked her salad.  We all ate well and there was a lot taken home for meals today. 



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