Game Three

We won!!  It was so close and nerve wracking. The score was 14 – 13. Wiesbaden scored with 3 minutes left.  They went for two and we stopped them. Then we got the ball and drove down the field to run out the time. What a win!

 Driving home was a memorable experience. I was in our car with three young twenty somethings – Michael, Brad and Kaitlin. Michael had downloaded music for the trip. We had Credence Clearwater Revival playing loudly as we sang along, with the joy of the win in our hearts and the sun shining on the beautiful German countryside. It was a memory I’ll cherish forever. Now we’re waiting for Al and Runk to get home. They were on the bus. Then we can all share the joy!

6 thoughts on “Game Three

  1. Wow what an exciting finish. I know Al loves to pass, but when you need that running game to finish them off and run out the clock…it sure is fun…especially when they KNOW they need to stop you and can NOT…demoralizing. way to go….C

  2. Great win and your play by play was wonderful…..almost like being there. And, the drive back…..memories and CCR!!!!!

    • It was so much fun. Michael drove Kaitlin and me to the game, in Al’s car. Then Brad rode home with us. Michael had downloaded CCR, Jim Croce, a couple John Denvers and one I didn’t know. It was all music he thought I’d like. That was thoughtful. But he saved CCR for the ride home and with the win it was great. The ride home was priceless! Love, Ingrid

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