Thursday Night

I think I just accidentally trashed a post from the other day. I guess it will just have to be. It told about Al having diverticulitis and how happy we were with the care he got. He is getting better, but still feeling pain. 

I also wrote about Karin’s birthday party. It was quite the event!  Karin turned 50 on Tuesday. I posted pictures from the party.  We had such a great time. The party began in the morning about 10:30. It went past midnight. People were coming and going. There was fabulous food. There was champagne, beer, soda pop, and sparkling water. It was so much fun. 

Then last night there was a dinner at a tennis club for family and close friends. Brad, Dan R., Al and I were fortunate enough to be included.  The tables were beautifully set.  There was so much food. The salad bar had shrimp and lox. Then we had the main course and it had meats, potatoes and some Saarland specialties. There was cheese, fruit, tiramisu, chocolate mousse, and of course – champagne, wine, beer, coffee. It was incredible!  We loved meeting more members of the family. Ralf’s father played the guitar and we all sang a song. He had written the words for Karin. It completed the evening.  

Now we’re back to reality. Al is at practice tonight. This is the last practice before the game on Saturday in Wiesbaden.  It’s so hard because players have jobs and miss practice. There are only two practices a week.  Al’s having to adapt to change. We just hope we can win this weekend. 

One of the highlights of each week is girl’s day with Kaitlin. Kaitlin is our quarterback’s fiancé.  Our worlds are full of men and football.  So each Thursday Kaitlin and I escape and meet downtown. We have lunch, shop, explore, have coffee and have woman time. She is a great person. She is doing wonders for German/US relations. She has her little German/English translation book and wins people’s hearts by finding just the right phrase to say in German. If you could hear her she’d win your heart too. She’s got one heart completely won and that’s Dan’s.  They make a great couple!

Think I of us on Saturday at 5:00. Go Canes!!

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