A Few Days at Home

We’re recovering from the loss on Saturday. Plans are being made for the coming weekend. This weekend we drive to Wiesbaden to play the Wiesbaden Phantoms again. We played them in our first game. It’s about a two hour drive from here.

Today is Karin’s 50th birthday and there is a party for her here all day. There’s a tent up in the back yard.  There is a huge kettle of chili con carne all made. In the garage are cases of beer, coke, sprite and in a refrigerator – all kinds of sausages to be grilled. And there will be cakes!  What a celebration!  Tomorrow evening is another party at a place in Gersweiler!

There are so many enjoyable moments even on a day without major trips or games. Just getting up and having our tea together starts our day.  Then I love our walk, even though it isn’t so scenic in lots of ways. We walk along some large pipes and a railroad track for the first part of our walk. But there are lots of plants and so many flowers. It smells so good.  

Last night Runk (Dan), Al and I went downtown for supper. It was a sunny, mild day yesterday. We enjoyed every minute. Memorial Day wasn’t a holiday here, but we thought of many of you celebrating. We celebrated by going to an all you can eat chicken wings restaurant. (obviously the men’s choice.)  🙂

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