It’s Game Day

Yesterday to keep busy we decided to drive to Verdun, France. In WWI the French and the Germans fought viciously over the city of Verdun.  If you go there now, you can still see the effects of the battle that took place there for 300 days.  800,000 people died there in battle. It’s a very sobering place to visit. There’s a great museum with a film. There is the Douaumont Ossuary as a memorial to the men who died there.  There is also Fort de Douaumont  built into the hill which was a strategic command center that went back and forth between both sides.  From the top of the hill that the fort is built into you can see for miles and miles in every direction.  It was really interesting!

After visiting the sights we headed into Verdun, the town, for a late lunch. We were impressed with the city itself. It beautiful, right on a river, with lovely buildings. Then we headed back to Saarbrucken. 

Now we’re ready to go to the game which starts at 6:00. It’s chilly today and there are clouds moving in. We’ll hope that it doesn’t rain. We’re playing Munich tonight. Go Canes!

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