Losing does take the sunshine out of a day really quickly.  Last night we just didn’t have any bounces our way. We did things right and wrong at times, but that happens in any game. When I mentioned the officiating here, it was easier to bear when we won in spite of it. Last night it was a factor and we couldn’t overcome it.  We had a hugely important sack at a crucial time near the end of the game. It put Munich back in their own territory. Most importantly we needed to get the ball back. The officials ruled it roughing the passer because they told Al that no one may touch (yes touch) the helmet of the QB in any way. The penalty put them down inside our 20. So what can you do?  The show must go on.  Next week we go to Wiesbaden to play them again. That’s the team we defeated last week.   We play each team twice in one season, home and away. 

The weather is so chilly here right now. We did have a good “fall” evening for football last night. Kaitlin and I sat under a blanket. Last week the entire game was played in the rain, but this week we had one short shower near the beginning of the game and it was beautiful weather the rest of the time. Ralf told us that this May has been the rainiest and the coldest on record.  Even so, we’ve walked almost every day and the flowers are spectacular. It’s been a cool spring in so many places. We can’t complain. 

Last night all of Germany was most excited about the European championship soccer game between Dortmund and Munich. It was played in England, but the two German teams had each beaten Spanish teams to get to the championship. It’s the Super Bowl of Europe, maybe bigger. Munich won. Soccer is loved by everyone here!

3 thoughts on “Football

  1. Interesting call…can not touch the helmet….wow that would be interesting…TOUCH….Are the officials hired by the home team? I would think they would be rotated so they never are from the home area, but not sure. Is there an American coach factor in the background??? We know Al knows more about football than the whole league put together…FACT. Good luck in the next game….CJ

    • This will be frustrating. When Al looked at the video of the game, even Jermaine’s helmet didn’t get touched. It was a good clean sack and it made at least a thirty yard difference. But that was just one mistake. Al’s been looking at the video and I keep hearing loud outbursts of frustration. That’s the way it is. On top of that we have a gray, rainy, chilly day. Ug!

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  2. If you had to lose it could of least been fair!!!! Al is the best and he knows his football. Ingie, you will just have to take him to the bakery and have him pick out his favorite treat!!!! Maybe that won’t even cheer him up right now. Munich Bayern certainly had something to cheer about. When we were in Munich several years ago the end of May, they had just won the championship the night before….the party lasted all day and night….yes….bigger than superbowl. And I do remember they really know how to throw a party in the Marianplatz. Hope your weather clears up. Ilka (our friend from Fulda) said it has been the worst “spring” ever. Even snowed in the higher elevations. We have decided to go from 30/10/13 to 14/12/13 and will probably spend most of our time in Germany except for a second trip to Salzburg. RI will be teaching some more hours this time. Smiles from up north in Minnesota!!!! Miss you both.

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