The coaches just left for our last practice before Saturday night’s game. Al’s been stressed this week. He wants to keep it going in the right direction.  His office here at home gained a printer, copy machine and laminating machine last week. That’s been a HUGE help for Al.  The weather has been gray and rainy all week and that can make things tough. We’re all really longing for sunshine. It will be good when Saturday comes. The Junior Canes (19 and under) play at noon on Saturday. They’re undefeated this year.  Some of their players may join our team in July.  We’re excited to see them play again. Our game is at 6:00 that evening.

Yesterday afternoon a reporter and photographer came to our flat to interview Al and me. It was a long interview. We really liked the reporter. The photographer was also so nice and took an unbelievable number of pictures.  Al and I were just sitting on the couch the whole time. We’ll see how that I all turns out. It was fun. 

Today is Thursday, which means the men are busy getting ready for practice. So Kaitlin and I have made Thursday “Girl’s Day.”  We met downtown. We had a great time. It’s always fun being with young people and Kaitlin is especially fun to “hang out” with.  As I’ve written so many times before Saarbrucken is a great city.  We had a great lunch in one of the main department stores. It was delicious!  I’m still amazed when I get downtown by the food everywhere !!  It was raining hard, but no one was deterred by the rain.  Just no sitting outside at the cafes today.

Go Canes!!  Another picture from last night. 🙂Image

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