Tuesday is an important day because the plans for the next game are being put into place. With only two practices a week,Tuesday and Thursday, each practice is so crucial. On Wednesday nights Al and Dan and Brad have chalk talks. Those don’t last long, but give them a little more time with the team.  The German players have jobs and so not all players can be at each practice. It can be tough. But the players are playing because they love football. Their hearts are in it.  The same is true of our Amercian players. They love to play. 

Andre, our running back from Michigan, had such a great game on Sunday. He had all three touchdowns. He is strong and fast and hard to tackle. He’s the hero of American football fans in Saarbrucken this week. He was so fun to watch!
We had a great crowd at the game last weekend. (The whole game was played in the rain.) According to Ralf, it was the biggest crowd in years. We’ve had good press coverage on TV and in the newspaper. That bodes well.
Al is already stressing about this coming week’s game. We’ll be reporting the results.

Here are a few of my observations about the game which made the whole experience so interesting. The game is announced in German. Our General Manager, Torsten, does it from the stands with a mike in his hands. He announces with great enthusiasm and energy. I couldn’t understand most of the words, but I could feel the meaning because of course I was watching the game. At one point the officials measured to see if we got a first down. We missed it not by inches, but by millimeters. :). That was a first. We don’t have a clock or scoreboard so that took some getting used to. The score I could handle, but with time running out I had to keep asking a lady in front of me who speaks both languages if they had mentioned the time. In spite of no time keeping of any kind visible, the officials felt they could call delay of game on us two or three times. Poor Dan, our quarterback. Don’t ask me about the officiating. We had been warned. What was most impressive to me was the fact that the whole game is done with volunteers (except for the Americans.) Volunteers were grilling brats and selling them and selling homemade cake and coffee. Volunteers had lined the field, which is normally a soccer stadium. When the game was over, players went right to work putting away benches, taking down tents, cleaning up and closing things down. I’m trying to think of the words to show how much that all means to me and I can’t. I am just so thankful for everyone!

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