It’s been a good day. Yesterday when I went downtown with Kaitlin, I lost a bag of things I’d bought.  They weren’t big things, but some special tea, nail polish remover, a scarf.  I was so sad that I’d lost it. For lunch today Dan, Al and I went to Tante Maya’s where Kaitlin and I had gone yesterday. As we were leaving I mentioned my lost bag, just on the chance that I’d left it there.  I had and they had it!!  I was so happy. I still am!

We rode the bus to town. Dan hadn’t seen the downtown yet. At one stop a lot of junior high age students got on the bus. Two girls about 12 sat down across from Al and me. After a few minutes Al said “Do you speak English?”  They giggled and said, “A little.”  He told them we were from the United States. They smiled and talked to each other and then one said very carefully, “Why are you here?”  I told them what Al is doing here. They talked again and kind of giggled and then said, ” Our math teacher loves American football.”  Then they talked again and the one said, “Uh, can…we have …and she kind of wrote in the air.  I said to Al oh they want your autograph. They nodded smiling.  They had a pen and paper and he signed just as we got to our stop.  Al felt so special and they were so cute!

After lunch we walked through the main part of the city. We had coffee and then headed back to the bus stop. Al didn’t have to sign any more autographs. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Friday

  1. Great story about the girls and the nice time finding your lost bag. All has warmed up in Minnesota and we are back to normal good and bad weather…NOT ALL BAD> We head out to Denver tomorrow for our oldest grandsons graduation from HS. He will be in college next year. It will be a quick trip. ha Chuck

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