There is only one word of importance this week – football. Al hasn’t had much else on his mind. Players have been in and out of our flat. Long discussions have gone on with Brad and Dan. When Al and I walk in the mornings his mind is on one thing – football. He’s at practice tonight and then it will be three long days until the game on Sunday night at six.  We’ll do some exploring just to make the time go faster. Go Hurricanes!

In the meantime Kaitlin, Dan the QB’s fiancé, and I have gone downtown twice. She hadn’t been downtown yet, so yesterday late afternoon we went there for an overview. This morning we went downtown again so I could give a more in depth introduction to Saarbrucken. It really is a wonderful city!  We started at the Europa Galleria. It’s a three story indoor mall. I posted a picture of it before. We found some new places and had such fun exploring. Then we headed outside (although it was sprinkling) to the large pedestrian mall that runs about three or four blocks. Then it gets to the older section and a town square.  In all the areas there are outdoor cafes, restaurants, bakeries – so many!  There are lovely large department stores. It’s all so interesting. After a stop at a Starbucks, we ended at Tante Maya’s. It’s so good and has a lot of ambiance.   There was a language barrier when ordering. I thought I was ordering a carafe of wine and two glasses. Well a bottle appeared and Kaitlin and I were not ready to drink the whole thing. It was embarrassing, but they did bring us each a glass of wine instead.  After our meal we wandered around for awhile longer and then took the bus back to our flat. 

It was a real treat to spend the day shopping with a woman and to have girl talk. Kaitlin is terrific and a lot of fun. She’s from Inver Grove Heights. She’s a nurse. She’s very adventurous. I hope her mother and grandmother know how happy I am to have her here!  I felt as though I got to borrow her for the day.  We think we’ll have a regular girls’ day each week. 

We’ll let you know where we go to keep busy the next few days. Al will need something to do to make the days go by.  We have lots of options. 

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