This Saturday we knew we wanted to be in Wiesbaden by 5:00 to watch the Wiesbaden Phantoms play the Stuttgart Scorpians.  Wiesbaden is our opening game this coming Sunday. So Dan R., Al and I left early to make the most of the day. After fruhstuck (breakfast) at the cafe in our grocery store we headed for St. Goar on the Rhein River. We read that the castle there overlooking the little town of St. Goar is one of the best on the Rhein. It was. Burg Rheinfels is a wonderful castle. It’s high up over the river and even though much of it has crumbled away, it is still so interesting. The views are spectacular, even on a cloudy sprinkley day. The town of St. Goar was so quaint too! 

Next we headed for Bacharach (as in Burt). It was a terrific old town. We loved it. After dragging Dan up and down the cobblestone street looking for just the right restaurant we decided on one and it was perfect. The picture is on the blog. It’s so cute that it’s hard to describe.   We all had sauerbraten that was so good and the men had a delicious apple strudel with ice cream and caramel sauce.  While we were eating a group of minstrels came down the street singing and playing instruments.  There was a fair going on in the park by the river.  They all stopped when a man came out of his ice cream shop and gave them all cones. So nice of him.  So if you look closely at the picture, the medieval minstrels are eating cones.  We wandered around some more and then it was time to leave for Wiesbaden. 

We drove along the Rhein and eventually ended up on a ferry crossing the river. That added a little excitement. Then we weren’t far from Wiesbaden. We found the stadium. We had a big group with us to watch the game. All our import players were there. Kaitlin had come too and Brad.  

We cheered for Stuttgart because that’s Paul Schudel’s team. I sat with Mary.  The Wiesbaden team was up 21 to nothing in the first quarter, but Stuttgart steadily came back and their defense got stronger and they won the game!  Now we have to beat Wiesbaden too!

Driving home was beautiful. Mustard fields are in full bloom and are an incredibly bright yellow!  The bright yellow fields among the bright green fields are just too pretty!

Yesterday, Sunday, we had a scrimmage against Bonn. Al’s quote is “There were good things and bad things.”  So now they have a week to work it out. They’ve been busy all day today looking at the tape of the scrimmage and making adjustments. It will be a busy week. Al and Dan are at a board meeting tonight. 

Yesterday was Mother’s Day here in Germany too. My day was complete because I talked to all my children and grandchildren. ( Except Zachary who was taking a nap when Matt called.) Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers who may be reading this blog!

2 thoughts on “Saturday

  1. Yet another wonderful adventure!!! We stayed in Bacharach for a few nights in the fall….it was spectacular and also did the castle in St. Goar. We took the boat ride from Bacharach to St. Goar and back….wonderful trip and almost heard Loralie calling us!!!! Funny story: After dinner in Bacharach one night we stopped by an Irish pub for a nightcap. An American guy was singing songs in English and when he started singing “Country Roads” by John Denver, the whole German crowd starting singing along in perfect English!!! After the song, they went right back to their native lanuage. We were the only Americans in the place…great memory. Continue making memories!!!!

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