New Arrivals

We’ve had some changes this week. Brad moved into our extra room so that
Dan could have the apartment when he arrived. We moved the office to a wall of the living room. The extra bedroom looks good and Brad can live there for the month he has left here. Then he’ll do some traveling and head home. We like the new arrangement because the extra room will be so much better for company.

On Wednesday morning early Al, Ralf, Dan, and Andre left for Frankfurt to pick up our three new arrivals. They all came in on time and had nice uneventful trips. Al is so happy to have Dan Runkle here to be the defensive coordinator. Andre’s friend Jaron is our fourth import player. We’re glad to have him here! And Dan D. was very excited to see his fiancé, Kaitlyn! She’ll be here this season too. Everyone was settled in by late afternoon and then the men had their Wednesday chalk talk session. After that a lot of exhausted people were ready to sleep. 

This afternoon Ralf and Karin hosted a welcome picnic for everyone here at the house. They had the Schwenker (the swinging grill) out. The Hurricanes provided the meat. Ralf grilled it perfectly and it was delicious! We had salads and baguettes,fresh from France this morning, and dessert. There were three board members here too, to greet our new members. It was a wonderful afternoon. We ate well as usual!

If you’ve been reading this blog, you’ve realized that I don’t do much cooking over here. Now I know why. I baked one of the cakes for the party today. At home, even from scratch, this wouldn’t be much of a challenge. Here it took some doing. I had a cake mix for a cherry chocolate cake. It looked lovely on the box. I noticed the first dilemna studying the directions on the box. It showed a springform pan. Not a problem – I borrowed one from Karin. Next I translated each step on the box with google translator. It was time consuming. The directions were long. The word “abtropfen” came up as abtropfen in English. (Drain).  So I had to bother Karin again. Next I realized that the cherries pictured so beautifully on the box of Kirchli Kuchen (cherry cake) had to be bought separately. They didn’t come with the mix.  I had to go to the store. Then I started mixing. I needed 175 g of butter. Again Karin and Ralf came to the rescue with a scale they use for cooking.  Karin showed me that I should use certain beaters with the mixer.  I got it all done and into the pan. The oven had been preheating. I checked the temperature 170 C.  I put the cake in for the hour it called for. At the end of the hour it was barely baked. (Evidently I needed to turn on the timer to keep it at the temperature.) I bumped up the temp a notch and set the timer for 20 min. It was a guess.  After 20 min I took it out, it had burned on the edges. Not totally though. It was edible. This morning I took it up to Karin’s kitchen for puderzucker (powdered sugar). She sprinkled a nice hefty amount all over to hide the dark parts. Right before serving I trimmed off the edges and it looked and tasted pretty good.  It was a lot of work! Now I know why I’m going to keep leaving the cooking (for the most part) to the wonderful German chefs!

6 thoughts on “New Arrivals

    • It was an “oh my!” But half of the cake got eaten and I sent the rest home with the boys. I think Runk took a picture of Karin’s cake. It was beautiful and delicious!
      We’re off to Luxembourg today. No rest for Runk. He says it’s OK because he has no TV. 🙂 we’ll send a report at the end of the day.
      Love, Ingrid

  1. We are loving your blog so much that we have a shortcut link on our desktop. Wouldn’t want to miss a day without news of your fabulous adventure! Just had to giggle a bit at your cake-baking episode. I recall the first time I baked something in our German oven. We lived in a tiny flat when we first arrived and were waiting for base housing. The baking experiment ended quite quickly when I looked at the oven knob. It read 1 -2-3! Yup…those were my choices. I tried the “2” for the cookies and they burned to a crisp. Needless to say, I never baked again in that oven:-)

    • I’ve come a long way since you revealed the secret of cooking to me, Mary. However, when I was trying to bake that cake I almost felt as though I was back at the beginning of the learning curve. Half of the cake got eaten and I sent the rest home with the boys. They eat anything!
      Have a great weekend!

  2. Proud of you Ingie for giving it a try. The only thing I have baking in Fulda is the frozen apple strudle and bake serve rolls. Sounds as tho all is coming together. Good luck on the game this weekend. Found out our time in Fulda will be from Oct 30 until around Dec 6th. RI will be teaching more hours this year. Then we plan a week on our own and back in time for Christmas. Hi and hugs to Al.

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