Bike Ride

Bike Ride

This afternoon Al and I drove to Mettlach, about 35 minutes from here. It’s the town we discovered last Friday. This time we rented bikes and rode along the Saar River. It was a perfect afternoon. We loved every minute of it. We rode for 26 kilometers. There were cliffs, a castle we could have walked up to, a couple little restaurants and miles of just beautiful scenery. We loved this little town on the hillside with cows grazing. We ate afterwards back in Mettlach at a cafe and rewarded ourselves with ice cream cones for dessert. There’s so much to see and do!

1 thought on “Bike Ride

  1. Catching up on your blog….you both have been very busy. Great pic of the team and also the cheerleaders!!! Looks like all is falling into place. What wonderful weather you have!!! We got home Sunday night and I sit here in the north land watching the ice go out on the lake!!! OK to be home but miss our sunny beach days in FL. Keeping busy putting stuff away, etc. Will be a little longer in Fulda this year as they have asked RI to each some more hours and we may be getting a differet flat. Always fun to look forward to the next adventure….I think I am now a gypsy at heart. Continue the wonder; enjoy the pastries; walks in the woods; bike rides along the river and most of all, have fun!!!

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