First Week of May

It’s been another beautiful week in Ottenhausen!  We’re really beginning to feel at home here. The routines of daily life are in place. Now that we can’t travel as much, we take small little drives, or go downtown to a cafe just to get out in the afternoon and to people watch. That’s what we did on Thursday. We try a different cafe each time.  Al has learned to order Milch Cafe  (milk coffee) so that he doesn’t get a tiny little cup.  

On Friday afternoon we drove to a town called Mettlach because I had seen signs for a Villeroy & Boch outlet there. We thought we would just check that out, have coffee. Well!  It is the cutest little town – in a valley along the Saar River. Adorable!  They did have the outlet and others too. But these outlet stores were tucked into this little town not just big new buildings. We had so much fun. We got a few things we needed. We checked out some little local hotels. We’re going to go back and rent bikes to ride on paths along the river. We loved it. We sat at a cafe for awhile and then headed to Luxembourg -not far away to get gas. We had a great outing!

When we got home we decided to try an Argentinian restaurant nearby. It was full – a good sign.  Al was hungry for a steak. He decided to have a meal just like at Stubs. That’s a favorite restaurant in Battle Lake. It seemed risky to me. He loves Stubs. He got his steak with mushrooms, a salad and baked potato.  Well, it didn’t look quite the same, but he took bite after bite and was thrilled with it all.  Sorry to say this for Stub’s sake. Al declared it better. 

That was Friday. Saturday night we went to one of our favorite places and they were grilling. So Al did the same thing again, but decided he didn’t need the potato. This time I’ve included a picture of the meal.  I’m not lying when I say he moaned with pleasure with each bite. His steak was piled high with sautéed mushrooms and onions. It was incredible. I had fabulous smoked salmon with creme fraiche on a potato pancake. It was amazing. This meal in a regular little gasthaus in Ottenhausen (not Paris) was so good!  And the meal, two beers and a carafe of wine was €31. Today we are eating sensibly again. 

Yesterday was a big day.  We had a scrimmage against Kaiserslautern. It was a gorgeous day. It was so much fun to sit and watch football.   Al just finished watching the tape of the scrimmage. He said some good and some bad, but from where they started – dramatic progress!  People are saying good things about what Al is doing. We’ll see what happens. Just two weeks until the first game!

So that was this week in Germany. My 1000 piece puzzle is coming along.  The American  players are trying to get moved into their house.  That’s taking some doing. People take their kitchens evidently when they go- like cupboards, sinks, appliances. So there’s plumbing and also light fixtures that need to be taken care of. 

I think I wrote that Brad decided not to play football. He’s going to coach until early June, then go home to see family and get ready for med school. So we have a fourth import player coming on Wednesday. He’s a friend of Andre’s.  He’s  from Portage, MI.  His name is Jaron De Shazor. He’ll be flying in the same day as Dan Runkle and also Dan Dobson’s fiancé Kaitlyn who is joining him. We’re looking forward to Wednesday!

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