A Slow Rainy Day

We’ve had some slower more relaxing days this week. The football camp went well last weekend. Al was thrilled on Saturday. Even in the rain there were 32 players there. The new players are a big help in coaching their segments.  That makes it all so much easier for Al.  

On Sunday night Al and I walked to one of our favorite restaurants and had dinner together, just the two of us. We practiced being European in our eating habits and took our time enjoying the food and drink. It was a lovely evening. 

Monday was Dan’s birthday. (Our new quarterback.). We had a cake and lunch here. (Ralf took a picture which I’ll post.) Dan turned 25. Oh to be so young again. 🙂

Yesterday afternoon Al and I took the bus downtown again to shop for Stella. She’s turning 14 soon!  It was really fun to find things for her. The package is already on its way to Michigan. 

Today is rainy and it’s practice tonight. It’s not too cold though. The weather here reminds me a lot of the weather in eastern Pennsylvania.  It rains regularly, but things are so lush and green. Today I started a 1000 piece puzzle (after I cleaned). That’s the kind of day it is.  Al’s been working on football most of the day. he still needs some linemen. There are some other changes happening too. I’ll write more about that soon. Just a week until Dan Runkle arrives!

Tomorrow Al and I are driving to Stuttgart to  have lunch with Paul and Mary Schudel.  Paul is the person who called Al about this job in Saarbrucken and told the people here about Al. Paul is coaching the Stuttgart Scorpians.  We’ll have a lot to talk about!

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