Rainy Friday

This morning I had the BEST croissant ever!  It was still warm, chocolate, incredibly flakey.  The chocolate croissants are on sale at the bakery this week, two for €2.50.  This week will require huge self discipline in the morning or lots of walking. 

Which does lead me to walking. We walk and walk. Thankfully, since we eat and eat. We begin the day with a long walk that includes a lot of hills. That’s a great way to begin the day. The rest of the walking is just what we do each day. It’s such a good feeling. 

Last night we had the flat full of our new import players,and Brad and Michael.   They ordered pizzas to eat after practice and the pizzas were delivered. At home with pizza orders sometimes you get a free two liter bottle of pop. Here because we’d ordered regularly we got a free bottle of chilled, white wine. Nice!

Tonight we’re going with the new players, Brad and Michael to one of our schnitzel places here in Ottenhausen. (That’s the suburb of Saarbrucken we actually live in.). It’s given us something to look forward to all this gray day.  Can’t wait.

1 thought on “Rainy Friday

  1. Interesting how you mention walking..Ingrid…While in Mazatlan we walked all over the place even with excellent public transportation that was VERY cheap… fifty to seventy cents for a bus…ha Snow is melting wonderfully today…Finally getting some melting temps and sun…Cjhuck

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