Busy Week

It’s been a busy week, not with traveling, but with football. The American players’ arrival helped attendance at practice on Tuesday. Everyone was anxious to be there to meet them and watch them. They are great young men and arrived ready to go. We’ll be seeing them over here in the evenings because their temporary apartment doesn’t have wifi.  They’re wanting to let their family and friends know how things are going. They’re all smart and funny. I’ll have to take their picture for the blog. Today after getting some paper work, banking and getting phones done, they rode with Michael to Mannheim about 1 1/2 hours away to get proper equipment.  Al wants them to have safe helmets and shoulder pads.  This Saturday and Sunday the team is having a two day mini camp. The weather’s been so great this week, but it’s supposed to rain and get cooler this weekend.  Bummer!

 Yesterday Al and I decided to take the bus into the city. We’ve been wanting to try this because parking is a pain. I also wanted to know how to take the bus, so that I could go into town by myself. It worked so well. The bus stops are easy to find and the bus comes right on time. . The only negative is the cost. It cost €5 each round trip. I’m looking into a monthly pass for myself.  We love wandering around downtown. There are so many places to eat and shop.

This afternoon we drove to Saarlouis, a town about 15 minutes east of here to walk around and check it out. We’d heard it was a pretty town, and it is. The town was full of outdoor cafes.  There were chairs everywhere on the sidewalk. I love it!  The car said it was 79 degrees today. We found a lively spot, lots of people to watch and had ice cream.  So even on the busy days we still work in some time of our own.

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