5 thoughts on “Al Loves Ice Cream!

    • The reply is easy -go get ice cream! 🙂 Al’s sundae was full of fresh strawberries. He loved it. We’re so excited that you’re coming to visit! Can’t wait. Last night Al and the boys ordered pizza after practice. They do that regularly. You know what came as a free gift with the order – because we’re good customers? Not a two liter of pop, a nicely chilled bottle of white wine. 🙂 My kind of country. Have a great weekend. Love, Ingrid Sent from my iPad

  1. Looking good Al (also the sundae). Just love reading all your blogs and the pictures….almost feels like being there. We are winding down our 2 months in FL and leave on Tuesday….time went too fast again. We are going back to Fulda for sure the end of October!!! As they say here in the “redneck riviera”…..HELL YA!!!! Excited about the season and happy your have all your players.

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