Spring Has Sprung

No one is taking spring for granted this year. We’ve waited much longer than usual over here which is just making us appreciate it that much more. I’m posting a spring picture from my walk to the store today. 

We had fun at the soccer game in Luxembourg on Sunday. It ended in a 0-0 tie, which didn’t make anyone happy. But it was fun to be there and I do love people watching. I did a lot of that. We went to the game with Tina, who is the Hurricanes athletic trainer. She works in Luxembourg.  When we got back to Saarbrucken we went to a great Mexican restaurant that Tina suggested.  We didn’t struggle as much with the menu because we know the Spanish words for the Mexican food – unlike French or Chinese restaurants.  We had a great day. 

Al has been busy getting ready for the three new American players to arrive. They flew in this afternoon. Ralf and Al drove to pick them up in Frankfurt. Now they’re at practice. They are going to be so tired!!  Al is still working on getting a couple more linemen. We might have two – one from Spain and one from Serbia. Al is hopeful. Brad is also going to stay and coach/play. He’s a defensive back. Dan Runkle will be coming in on May 7th! That will be a red letter day! So things are shaping up. The first game is Sunday May 19th.  The team has a two day camp this weekend. 

My excitement for the day was trying to find cinnamon in the grocery store. I wanted to make bread pudding with left over rolls we had. I got to the store and began searching first by name and then by the look of the spice. I wasn’t worried. I’ve bought other spices – thyme is thymian, oregano is oregano.  But I couldn’t find cinnamon or anything that sounded even close. I asked several strangers if they spoke English and they said a little, but when I said cinnamon they smiled and looked confused. Finally the very nice grocery store man brought out his phone with a translator ap. He had me type cinnamon and there it was – zimt!   My bread pudding turned out well and I didn’t throw away the rolls.  And the flat smelled so good, just like zimt!

2 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung

  1. Sounds like an interesting day for both of you. Suggestion: Google for a translation app for your iPhone/iPad. I found one for our trip to France. It lets you type or speak into the application in English and it translates to which ever language you select. And best of all– it was free.

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