Hartmut Grilling on the Schwenker

Hartmut Grilling on the Schwenke

This is the Schwenker. Chicken was added right after this picture was taken. We also started tearing off a piece of baguette to take a brat off the grill to eat. We sure had plenty to eat! /p>

2 thoughts on “Hartmut Grilling on the Schwenker

  1. We have something very similar to that. We just don’t swing it. Tripod grill that we got from an Amish store in Indiana.
    You guys are really living high on the hog! I love all the food pictures. 🙂
    Good luck with everything that’s going on this coming week.

  2. We want one the times we have cooked over wood was delicious. Have a good week. We are enjoying warm temps in Florida. Laura

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