A Weekend at Home

After all our traveling, we were happy to be home this weekend. Yesterday, Saturday, the Junior team had a game. We wanted to go watch them play. It was their first home game. Several of their good players will be joining The Hurricanes in July. They won their game 44-6. They’re 2-0. 

After the game we had big plans with the Kellers for dinner with them. We grilled out using a Schwenke.  This is a grill hanging over a campfire and it swings around over the fire. A person keeps it swinging. We grilled two kinds of bratwurst, steaks and chicken.  Ralf’s brother, Hartmut, was in charge of the Schwenke.  First we ate the brats, long and thin, in a piece of baguette standing around the fire. Once all the meat was done, we went inside and ate very well!  We had such a good time.  Hartmut’s wife, Kaya, was there and Brad.  So there were 8 of us. One of the most wonderful things about Europeans is that eating is done slowly and with a lot of camaraderie.  There is no hurrying through a meal.  We thoroughly enjoyed the evening!

Al and I are going to bring a Schwenke back to MN with us. We can’t wait to use it over the campfire by the lake. 🙂

On Friday night Brad, Al and I took Michael out for schnitzel. We owed him a schnitzel meal because he won our small (4) NCAA basketball pool. We hadn’t been out for schnitzel for awhile so we enjoyed every bite!  

Today, Sunday, we have plans to go with Tina, the athletic trainer of the Hurricanes, to a pro soccer game in Luxembourg. She works there. It should be fun. This will be a big soccer week.  Two German soccer teams, Munich and Dortmund, are playing two Spanish teams in the semi finals of the European’s champions league. Of course the Germans are hoping for two German wins with a final game of Munich against Dortmund.  These soccer games are a BIG deal. I’m looking forward to the games. 

Another important event this week is the arrival of three American players on Tuesday. They are flying in together.  Al and Ralf will be driving to pick them up in Frankfurt.  The season is getting closer!!

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