This week spring has arrived in style!  When Al and I go out to walk each morning we are so thankful for the beauty all around. Spring is very late here this year and they said on the news the other day that this has been the coldest winter ever in Europe. Everyone is so happy to see the temperatures go up!  It will happen for those of you in the Midwest!  

Yesterday was so beautiful that Al and I took a little afternoon trip to a favorite place. We drove to Remich, a town on the Mosel River in Luxembourg. It’s only 45 miles away. We walked along the river and watched the many swans swimming on the river. Then we had lunch and beer at an outdoor cafe along the river.  Perfect!  Of course since we were in Luxembourg we filled up with the inexpensive (compared to France and Germany) gas. 

This morning we went with Ralf to a local meat market. It is huge!  We’ve never seen anything quite like it.  The variety and the choices were never ending.  Of course, in the middle of the meat market was the wine section. 🙂  We’re getting ready for a big cookout with the Kellers on Saturday. 

The men are busy with football.  Three American players arrive next Tuesday. That’s so exciting. Tonight is practice, so there’s a lot of work going on in the “office”.  The nice weather is making practice a lot easier and more pleasant. 

Our hearts go out to the people of Boston and Texas and to our friend Lauri Kuch’s family.

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