Sunday in Paris

Sunday was our day to go to Versailles. It’s not in the city of Paris, but you can get there on the metro and train. We started early to beat the crowds. But at the point where we had to change  to the train, we ran into a hitch and ended up spending an hour at that station. By the time we got to Versailles we just had to follow the swarms of people getting off the train. I’m posting a picture of the line and though our museum pass covered the charge there the line you see are people with tickets. Luckily the line moved right along and I had good conversation with the mother and daughter behind me from Utah. 

Versailles is lavish beyond belief.  The size of it is amazing. King Louis XIV moved out of the Louvre to move to Versailles. He wanted to be in the country.  The gold, the size, his own cathedral (at least a respectable sized one), the gardens – it goes on and on.  Being king, I guess it never occurred to him that it might be self indulgent.  Ten thousand people lived there mostly I think just taking care of him and his family and guests. We loved seeing it. 

The weather on Sunday was so perfect – sunny and warm.  The people of Paris were out in droves. As we took the train into Paris in the afternoon, parks were covered with families and couples lying on the grass, picnicking, playing games, walking, biking, running. People everywhere!  The Parisians know how to enjoy a lovely spring day!

We headed to the Musee de l’Orangerie near the Louvre.  We wanted to see the large murals by Monet. There were incredible numbers of beautiful Impressionist paintings.  We really enjoyed a section by Italian painters of the late 1800’s. 

Next we walked toward the Champs Élysées. We only walked a short part of it, because our legs were really, really tired. Brad continued on. Al and I walked toward the Eiffel Tower and stopped at the first sidewalk cafe we came to. That’s what Paris is all about. We then got to the Eiffel Tower area and met Brad for our supper, which was our most average meal. But we wanted to go up the Eiffel to watch the darkness descend and the lights come on. It was so impressive up there. We could only go up to the second level, but we were so high. The view was breathtaking. It it was a great place to be for our last evening in Paris. ( well that time). 

We got back to our hotel again so exhausted!

2 thoughts on “Sunday in Paris

  1. Paris!!!!!!!!!need I say more. So fun reliving our trips there. Sounds like u had a wonderful weekend. Miss and live you . Laura

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