Our Last Morning in Paris (this time)

We wanted to go into Paris one more time.  After breakfast at our hotel we headed to the metro. When you go into the metro you put your ticket into a machine. It spits it out and you push a turnstile and then a tall swinging panel gets pushed. I have a confession. One day I somehow got caught between the turnstile and the swinging panel/door. The turnstile turned and then the panel wouldn’t budge. There I was destined to spend the rest of my life stuck between the two. I suppose people could have come to feed me. But there would have been other issues. So I scooted down under the turnstile and then a very nice French person pulled me up. Al was horrified. I was laughing. I used another ticket and managed to get through. Several times we had tickets that didn’t work, so getting into the subway was always a rather heart stopping experience!  Even so we loved the convenience and ease of the public transportation system. For instance our tickets would work for busses or the subway. We bought our tickets ten at a time and that saved us .40€ a ticket. 

Another thought I just had is to mention how very nice the French were. They are really getting a bad rap about not being nice. They were friendly, helpful and tried to help us even with our extremely limited French.  The waiters with only a very few exceptions were so helpful, friendly, kind and gracious!

For our last morning we headed to the St. Germaine, Latin Quarter area. We absolutely loved it there. It was lively, colorful, full of cafes, students, such a variety of ethnicities. The Sorbonne is nearby. There were restaurants from all ethnic groups. For lunch we chose a French restaurant because we were leaving.  A lot of restaurants have meals where you can choose an entree (appetizer), plat (main course) and dessert for a set price.  Our restaurant had this for 10€. I chose a completely French meal – French onion soup, beef bourguignon and a chocolate crepe for dessert. It made me happy. 

We walked around and did some shopping. This area fit our budget.  Then we faced the fact that we needed to leave for home.   That wasn’t so difficult. We have a lot to eat and see here in Germany and Paris is always just a four hour drive away! Au revoir!

Our drive home was beautiful. And it was warm and sunny with leaves coming out and trees and gardens in bloom !  It’s good. 

3 thoughts on “Our Last Morning in Paris (this time)

  1. Having you living there to set us up with all sorts of information for our trip is just perfect! We will have to use one of our free evenings to head to St. Germaine, I think. I’m a bit skeptical about getting through the turnstiles now though. Our tour includes so many of the museums and that sort of thing, but we have 3 evenings when we elected to be on our own. So, we should be able to choose a location, walk there and and enjoy a meal. I just hope we aren’t too tired. We did not choose to do the Moulin Rouge this time. And some members of our tour group are going to a Castle called Vaux le Compte one evening. For a mere $300 per person, they will get a tour of the castle and a candlelight evening meal in the castle. Sounds wonderful, but I think our decision to opt for a walk to a cafe will be fun too! Not to mention…. cheaper!

    • You’re going to love Paris. It’s like no other city! Don’t worry about the subway. I think it took unusual something or other to have that happen. 🙂 There is public transportation everywhere so really you don’t have to walk like we did. Next time I’m taking a few more busses! You are so wise to forgo the $300 meal. I bet you can have a great one for 1/6 that price. Castles are so cold. Cafes are so much more fun. (My opinion of course.). We use Rick Steves so much when we travel. He’s helpful. You’ll love the Latin Quarter. Oh, there’s so much everywhere!

      We’re so excited that you’re coming to see us! This isn’t Paris, but we have schnitzel! Thanks for all your comments. It’s so reassuring to get feedback as you know. Love, Ingrid

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