Arriving in Paris

Yesterday, Friday, we hopped into our car. Brad came too. We drove to Paris!  It’s about four hours driving. We found our hotel, which to put it mildly is a bare budget place. The room is small, but clean. The bed is very comfortable. So we’re good. It’s close to the metro so we’ve been taking that into the heart of the city. It’s only 1.30 Euros. Brad has been really good at figuring out our routes and where to get off. Al and I traipse along and get where we need to go. 

We started our Paris explorations by going to the Notre Dame cathedral. It is so beautiful. We took it all in – the beautiful stonework, the incredible stained glass windows, the high, high ceilings. When we decided to leave, it was POURING rain.  The outward bound line just kind of reversed itself. Everyone huddled where they could to stay dry. It didn’t last long. We had an afternoon of sun, rain, sun and so on.  As soon as could we went out and began walking. We decided to walk down the left bank towards the Eiffel Tower. This is no small walk, but we took our time.  The sun was out again. We stopped and looked at a bridge with chain link railings. The railings are covered with thousands of locks that are fastened to the railing.  On each lock is a date and the names of two people committed to each other.  After they put on their names and the date and lock it to the bridge, they throw away the key.  Very sweet.

 We stopped for coffee/ tea and a snack. Then kept walking.  We walked past the Louvre, then the Orsay. There were all kinds of boats on the Seine – houseboats, restaurant boats, and tour boats. It’s a busy place. After walking a good long time, I used a restroom in a small Chinese restaurant. It smelled so good in the restaurant that I talked Al and Brad into eating supper there.  The restaurant was full of Chinese people and that’s a good sign. Well, the food was delicious – the best Chinese food Al and I have had in years.  The pot stickers were great!  They call them Chinese ravioli. 

Finally after supper we were closing in on the Eiffel Tower.  It’s so impressive!  We took pictures from every angle. We even had a rainbow behind us as we looked at the Eiffel.  We decided to save going to the top for a nicer day. We found a little cafe a block away with a perfect view and settled in to watch night come and the lights come on. It was perfect. Another week or two and the leaves will be on the trees blocking the view. As we sat watching suddenly at nine o’clock all these lights, thousands, started twinkling. They twinkled for five minutes!  We loved it!

We rode the subway back to the hotel and crawled into bed exhausted!

4 thoughts on “Arriving in Paris

  1. We are trying to prepare ourselves for a lot of walking. I think the key is to take our time, just like you did, and grab a chair in a cafe for a bit from time to time. Can’t wait!!

  2. Great photos and blogging! Your travels and experiences provide wonderful images of what being there would be like. Thanks! We are loving it, through you!

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