Midweek in Saarbrucken

We’ve been enjoying a little warmer weather, although it’s come with showers on and off.  Even so, we’re not complaining. We’ve heard some reports from back home where the snow is coming down fast and furiously!  

We’re so comfortable here in our flat. I really don’t mind days at home. We’re on a quiet street in an area called Ottenhausen. We have everything we need. The floors are mostly wood or tile. We love our bathroom.  It’s all tiled, bright, with a full tub and a shower. The vanity is perfect. I wish I could take it home. Our bedroom has plenty space and storage and the lovely featherbeds I wrote about before.  The kitchen is small but perfectly manageable. The living room has a big, comfortable, black leather swivel chair and a large sectional couch.  There’s a balcony off the living room what we’re looking forward to sitting and eating on, once it gets a little warmer.  I’m going to include a picture of our view from there.  There’s the extra room for an office or company. I have washing facilities downstairs. The whole place is warm, bright and inviting!

Today we drove to the Mercedes dealer to turn in our car and get a brand new one!  It’s Al’s third one. We drive in style. :). 

Last night we went with the Kellers for a fabulous Greek dinner. It was awesome.  It’s one of the Keller’s favorite restaurants with good reason! As always there’s a picture. 

Football is going well, although the conversation flowing around me right now seems to be a concern about a lack of linemen.  Al, Brad, and Michael are having big discussions. We evidently need to sign a big tackle. Another ongoing concern is players not coming to practice. But a nice house has been rented for the players. And we’ve got a running back, a defensive specialist (Brad’s description), and our quarterback. Michael wonders if any of you know of an available tackle, ideally with a European passport, but he can be a US citizen too. We still have  spaces for Americans. 

We’ve got reservations for our trip to Paris this weekend!  We’re leaving at eight tomorrow morning.  We’ve decided on our must see places. For Al and I it will bring back memories of being there with the Rious and Brian. That was awhile ago. The weather forecast sounds good. I’ll be reporting back soon.

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