A Cloudy but Fairly Warm Monday

We walked our usual route this morning which is a long walk, up and down hills. It gets our metabolic rate going. It takes us past our bakery and grocery store, so we often stop to get fresh rolls and whatever we need from Wasgau,the grocery store. We bring our little cloth bags along when we head out on our walks. Al and I finished our walk with our bags in hand looking just like a European couple and feeling so proud of ourselves. 

Later in the afternoon we got a few more things at the store and then drove downtown to just do a little more exploring.  We wanted to check on train tickets to Paris this weekend. We decided to drive, but we bought our Bahn card which gets us a discount of 25% on any train ticket we buy. Because we’re old they only cost 41€ and that’s good for a year. 

It was sprinkling so we decided to go to the large mall downtown. Brad hadn’t been there. I’m including a picture. You can see that Germany is more than quaint little towns and castles. This is a very upscale mall. We had a Starbucks coffee/tea and headed home. 

Tonight Al is at a board meeting. They go so late. This evening was spent looking for a place to stay in Paris this weekend.  We have reservations, but we’re also waiting on responses to some emails to two other possibilities. Very exciting!

2 thoughts on “A Cloudy but Fairly Warm Monday

  1. For this weekend in Paris: Norm’s brother has stayed in Hotel Le Regent (in the Latin Quarter on the left bank) and also at Hotel Mansart located at the corner of the prestigious Place Vendôme (I don’t know any more about that location). We are looking at one of these for our one night stay after visiting you. I’m tending towards the Le Regent because it is located so close to cafes, restaurants, shops etc., and since this is our last night in Paris, we want to relax and just enjoy being there. If you haven’t chosen a hotel for this weekend yet, you may want to look at the web sites (or tripadvisor.com) for these two. Maybe you will return to Paris with us for a night or two in June? More details to follow from Norm in emails with firm plans.

    Hotel Mansart
    5, rue des Capucines

    Le Regent
    61, rue Dauphine

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