A Weekend on the Go!

After our “quiet” days we were ready to travel again. Barb Hoppe and her friend Linda came from Belgium on Thursday afternoon to visit for the weekend. While the men had football practice, Barb, Linda and I walked to a neighborhood restaurant for good German food. 

On Friday morning we ( Al, Brad, Barb, Linda and I ) took off for a drive along the Mosel River through the vineyards and up to Burg Eltz. That’s a fabulous castle. It is over 850 years old and has been in the Eltz family for 33 generations!  It’s so well preserved and still has original furniture in it!  The biggest surprise was that in a large room upstairs Brad noticed a bust that looked just like the bust of Gustavus Adolphus on campus  in St. Peter. Al looked at it too. It WAS  Gustavus. They called me. The tour guide came over and said “You know Gustav Adolph?”  We explained it all to him. He said it’s a mystery as to why the statue is there.  Gustavus was a Protestant king and the Eltz family were/are staunch Catholics. So no one really understands how it got there. For us it was such a connection to the castle.  If you come to see us, you’ll probably be visiting Burg Eltz!  When you see the pictures, you’ll know why. 

Driving along the Mosel was amazing too. Every foot of land seemed to have grape vines growing on it. The sides of the valley are so steep in some places and they are covered with vineyards – like a quilt. Every piece of earth is utilized.  Seriously many vines are growing where a mountain goat would have trouble walking!  We had lunch in a restaurant overlooking the river. We drove through town after scenic town along the way. After our stop at the castle we headed to Beilstein, a town that our guru Rick Steves writes is his favorite town along the river. We really wondered how it could be any more quaint or charming than the other towns we were seeing, but it was!  I’m including pictures and we had a great dinner in Beilstein. 

We got home by ten in time for Barb, Linda and me to play cards. Then we rested up for the next day.

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