A Day in Luxembourg City

On Saturday we decided to drive to Luxembourg City which is about 60 miles from here. It is built on hills and narrow valleys. Two rivers go through the city. There’s a sharp contrast of very old and very new. It’s one of the main banking headquarters of Europe and the country has a very high GDP. There are a variety of cultures in Luxembourg.  People have come from many different countries. The people speak French, German or Luxembourgish. Many speak English. Anyway it is a really interesting place and a beautiful place. 

We found two squares in the city set up with markets. We get so excited now when we see the tents in the squares!  We know there are going to be fantastic things to eat. We got more cheese and more cookies!  There was a type of flea market, but the weight of the terrific things we see always hold us back. There’s that weight limit on our suitcases to consider!  

We had a wiener schnitzel lunch in a restaurant on one of the squares.  Then the women decided to take a bus tour and Al and Brad walked over to the old wall of the city and explored. The women wanted to be warm (it was cloudy and chilly).  The bus tours really give us information about buildings and the city. I think tours are worth every euro. They have a walking tour I want to take when it finally warms up. 

We were headed back towards the car knowing it took us by a cafe called “The Chocolate Haus”. Brad had spotted it in the morning. Well…..it was a highlight of the day.  They had wooden spoons with a large square of chocolate on it. You could choose your flavor – there were close to 50. Then they brought a big white mug full of steaming milk. You stirred the chunk of chocolate into the milk and had the best hot chocolate ever!  This place was off the beaten track and yet there were people pouring in and out the whole time we were there. I want to go back!!

It was another great day in spite of clouds and the chill. It was so much fun to have Barb and Linda here!

This morning Barb and Linda headed back to Belgium. They will be house sitting one more week. We had fun playing cards. We had fun sharing our pictures at the end of each day. What a miracle to be able to say you want a picture they took and it can be sent immediately to each other. We had wine and beer and good girl conversation!

On the football front, Al, Brad and Michael are back in the office scouring Europlayer emails.  Two of our potential players went to other teams so they’re back at work searching.  There’s still time.   There are so many players looking for teams to sign with in Europe.  Thank goodness!

As I’m finishing this I just imagined that I had a whiff of the chocolate I was stirring yesterday into my steaming milk!  Ou la la!

2 thoughts on “A Day in Luxembourg City

  1. I’m thinking that chocolate wouldn’t put you over the weight limit on your suitcases. The do sell it by the square don’t they? I want some!

    • Hi Christine,

      I loved reading all your comments this morning! Thank you. The ghost of course is the reflection of my hand in the glass case around the holy vessel. We couldn’t believe the steep slopes. We don’t know how they do it. They do have some metal railings every so often, but we think those are for little cars to hold the grapes. But how do they walk to pick them? A mystery! Yes, you can have the chocolate too. I’ll try to send some at some point. Rick Steves says that the German chocolate is the best. It’s ALL so good! You have to come over just for the food. Really! The castle Eltz is just so great. It’s not ostentatious (like Neuschwanstein ). The rooms are normal size so they could be heated. The furniture is still there that they used and there are window seats (unfortunately stone – I hope they had cushions) everywhere so they had light to read , knit, sew. It does seem like a fairy princess castle. The palace in Luxembourg was quite luxurious. I know it isn’t like Burg Eltz, but it’s quite impressive AND close to the chocolate Haus! We couldn’t go through it. They give tours in the summer which the guide book said are quite humorous. We’re going to Paris this weekend which has me quite intimidated. I really like small towns rather than humongous cities, but there is a lot we want to see there. We have reservations, but I can cancel because we want to be closer in. I think that will make it more manageable. I’m in charge of these trips and its quite a responsibility. Brad is going too, so there are three of us. We have a two room mini apt. right now but its on the outskirts of Paris. Downtown we would get a single and a double. I better get back to looking for accommodations. Thanks again for your comments. As I wrote to another friend tonight, when I get a comment, then it takes away the feeling that I’m writing into a big void out there. I can check to see how many visits my blog has had and tonight it was at 1961 visits. So I guess I shouldn’t feel as though I’m writing to no one. 🙂 Lots of love, Ingrid

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