A Break in the Action

We’ve taken it easy for the last few days.  We’ve had long walks in the morning.  We had to go downtown on Tuesday to get my registration papers to be here legally. I no longer have to worry about being thrown out as an illegal alien. We took a quick trip to IKEA yesterday.  

Last night we got food from the “Kebab” place. ( You know that once I start writing it’s always going to get back to food.)  Al had ordered there before.  It was a first for me. We got what they call a “Turkish Pizza.”  It’s a large light wrap around meat, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and a sauce.  It is SO good.  The people cooking are Kurdish. When Al ordered he was watching the man slice the meat off a large chunk on an upright pole. Al wondered what kind of meat it was.  He pointed at the meat and said “fleisch?” (What kind of meat?). The man looked at Al and said “Baaaaaaaa.”  The communicating gets so creative!

Now we’re getting ready to go pick up Barb and Linda at the train station.  They’re our first company!  

One more note – not about food – but about football 🙂  Al thinks they have the main work done recruiting American players. That would be huge.  He sent an offer today to a running back.  Then we should have four American players. He can have seven American players, but no more than two on the field at a time.  The season is getting closer so it’s good to be getting things in place. 

The weather today is warm and sunny. Yay!  Come on spring. Some trees are blooming and there are lots of flowers blooming.  There’s hope in our hearts. 

2 thoughts on “A Break in the Action

  1. Great story.about the kabob place…..baaaaa…..always a way to communicate. Will try to skype you tomorrow (Friday) Joanne

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