Incredible Cookies in Ostend, Belgium

Incredible Cookies in Ostend, Belgium

This was unbelievable. The picture can’t do justice. I wish you could be here with me eating one. They were some of the BEST cookies I’ve EVER had. There was such a variety!!

3 thoughts on “Incredible Cookies in Ostend, Belgium

    • I didn’t quite have one of each, but I tasted quite a few. They were unbelievable – seriously! Yes that is marzipan in front. Some of the cookies were like marzipan. They weren’t cheap, but they were worth every penny! I have to walk and walk each day. It’s just incredible. The pastries are fresh and flakey, not heavy and doughy. It just goes on and on. I’m going to email you some of the food pictures I didn’t include in my blog and some other pictures too. Lots of love and Happy Easter, Ingrid

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