A Trip to Belgium

On Friday morning Al and I left for Mons, Belgium to visit Barb Hoppe and her friend Linda Hinrichs. They are there house sitting for three weeks and we got to stay in their temporary home too. It is lovely. A school counselor for an American school in Mons and her husband, an artist, live there. They are on a cruise to the Canary Islands. 

We spent time exploring Mons on Friday afternoon and saw the market in the square. We bought some delicious sausages and cheese. It is a lovely town.  There are several gorgeous cathedrals and lots of narrow winding streets. Al’s getting used to maneuvering through these little streets, but sometimes we hold our breath.

The next day we headed to Brugge. It’s about an hour and a half away. It is an old town with beautiful buildings and canals. It was cold, but sunny. We chose a bus tour over the buggy ride, for warmth. 🙂  The tour was so great because we had headphones that told us so much about the buildings and the town. After the tour we found a nice cafe and had wine and a bucket of mussels in wine sauce. Everyone had these buckets of mussels at their tables. It was the food to order. Next we headed to Blankenberge, a town on the coast. When we got out to view the North Sea, we took our pictures as fast as we could!  The breeze coming off the water was so cold!  We quickly snapped some pictures and got back into the warm car.

We drove down the coast to Ostend. It was more scenic than Blankenberge and we came across a market. They had such wonderful things – cheeses, awesome cookies, meats, pastries – it was incredible. We bought some wonderful cheeses and cookies.  You’ll see the pictures. 

Easter morning we went to mass at Sainte Waudru Cathedral.  It has such incredible stained glass windows. I’ve already posted some pictures and comments. For our Easter dinner we ended up eating Chinese in Belgium.  Al chose the restaurant and we all loved it.  In the afternoon a couple came over to visit.  She is a school nurse and he is the purchasing agent for the school. They have a summer home in Ottertail County!

We are home now. Our drive today was great because the weather was terrific. We could enjoy the views of Belgium and Luxembourg. We stopped and walked around the town of Remich, Luxembourg on the Mosel River. The weather was nicer than in a long time and the day after Easter is a holiday, so the town was full of people walking along the river or sitting at cafes. It was lively!  We ate and then drove home. 

It was a great weekend. Thanks Linda and Barb for sharing your house. It was our first time ever in Belgium. It’s so exciting to have all these new experiences!  As in all these countries, the people were friendly and helpful, the food was terrific and the countryside looked pretty even in March.  (Not the loveliest month of the year. I know the leaves will come out soon.)

3 thoughts on “A Trip to Belgium

  1. So happy you had a wonderful time!!!! Sounds as tho spring is finally coming to your part of Europe and I know you will enjoy every minute of it. Cookies, etc. all looked so good. We didn’t try the mussels in Brugge….not a big fan…but I know many tables ordered them. How about the beer in the signature glasses? Joanne

  2. Your adventures in Germany and all of Europe sound so exciting and interesting. What a wonderful opportunity to be able to stay long enough to really enjoy the culture. Love your blog.

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