Happy Easter

Happy Easter

To celebrate Easter we went to this cathedral built in the 1200’s. It was a Catholic service, all in French, but the music was beautiful and we knew the story and we could sing “alleluia” at the appropriate times. Our friend Linda, who was with us, is Catholic. We all were moved by the setting and the music. It was a memorable Easter Day!

2 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. Happy Easter to you too!! We had our “service” right here on the beach just enjoying the wonder of this beautiful gulf, white sands, and bright sun. It just was a different kind of cathedral this year. Want to hear all about your weekend with Barb and Linda and what you thought of Brugge. Hope your weather is getting better. We are enjoying some high 70 degree days with plenty of sunshine and just a breeze or two to keep us comfortable. We are by ourselves until April 10th and then there is 10 days of family and fun. Lets skype soon. Joannd

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