Several Quiet Days

We’ve had two very “normal” days.  It’s been time to clean and wash clothes. It’s good to have days like that. Al has been busy with practices, but he works from here which is nice. We take long walks in the morning and we’ve walked with Ralf and his dog Bosco in the afternoons. 

The weather continues to be unusually cool all over Europe. But it’s comfortable for walking. Any day now spring is going to spring forth. 

We tried some chicken yesterday from a stand that is in front of our grocery store on Wednesdays. It was tender and tasty like the chickens that we buy already cooked in the US grocery stores. Last night we went for our weekly schnitzel with Brad and Michael.  The 8 euro special ends this week. The new special will be fresh asparagus with Hollandaise sauce, new potatoes and a choice of fish, shrimp or meat. I think I can handle that!

One of the very nice things in Germany is the system for bedding. On our bed we have two fluffy light feather beds. The bed has a fitted sheet and each feather bed goes in a duvet. So to make the bed each morning we just shake our feather beds out over the bed. 3 seconds max. And it’s like sleeping under a warm, cozy cloud. 

Another thought about life in Germany is how conscientious everyone is about recycling. We recycle so much. Yogurt containers are rinsed out, foil – anything that isn’t messed up with food and can’t be rinsed off. There are also many solar panels and wind generators. 

Tomorrow we are going to Mons, Belgium. Our friend Barb Hoppe is there for three weeks. She’s house sitting with her friend, Linda. We’ll spend Easter there.  The plan is to find a service in a large, lovely, ancient cathedral. We’re planning to all spend a day in Brugge, Belgium. It gets rave reviews in our travel guides and Joanne and Richard recommend it too. I’m sure we’ll be coming back with plenty of Belgian chocolate!

5 thoughts on “Several Quiet Days

  1. Thank you for emailing this travel log of your adventures. Do not know where to start other than can not wait to come and visit. What a neat time you have already experienced. wow. One thing that hit home was your train ride. We took the bullet train in China last Feb. and it was incredible. Did a 120 mile journey in 44 minutes and quiet and smooth. Kathleen even took a nap. Also your experiences on recycling. Good to hear. Of course, the pictures of the food really had my juice buds juicy…ha I do not eat like I used to consume. Lost 17 lbs in the last year… diet…just do not eat so much…ha Continue having a good time and will respond and communicate either here or email….if one is better than the other…let us know….Chuck and Kathleen ps Hope Mexico was fun for you Ingrid….we had a GREAT time in Majzatlan…maybe someday we can hook up with you guys at your place.

  2. Sorry that all of my posts and likes are listed as ‘Munique. That is my blogging name, and since my blog is also on wordpress, it won’t let me reply unless I log in. Glad you recognized my alias! Your daily routine sounds so inviting. It is also still unusually chilly in the the eastern USA. We try not to complain about the 50 degree temps, as soon it will be warmer than we would like it to be…. but we are definitely ready for 60s and 70s too.

    I wonder what the daily special will be in June?????

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