Eating Japanese in Germany

We try to make the most of Mondays because Tuesday, Wednesday , and Thursday Al has practices and chalk talks in the evenings. So those are the busiest days. Yesterday though was still chilly. We thought it was cold, 30’s F, I just hesitate to use the word cold because I do know the real meaning of the word COLD.  So we went downtown at noon and explored a little more. But the mission of the day became finding good Asian food in Saarbrucken. Brad loves Asian food, I love Asian food, Al loves Chinese, but is leery of other kinds. 

It required some research – I had asked Torsten, Felix and Phillip the night before about good Asian restaurants and I did Trip advisor searching. In the end it came down to Kimdo. It’s a great little sushi place. They also had other choices that were varied and delicious. The searching paid off. We had a great dinner.  Al was a little hesitant, but left very happy about his meal. He didn’t really know we were going to a Japanese place until we were close. 

My sister sent an email this morning asking who Torsten, Felix and Phillip are. Torsten is the general manager of the Hurricanes. Felix is the team manager and Phillip is a player who is on the board. They know good food. 

So we had another interesting adventure. The next few days might be washing, vacuuming, etc. I’ll spare you the details about that. Some things really are basically the same everywhere. 

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