Saturday, Mar. 23rd

Al and I had a relatively quiet day. We started with our walk and “eine kleine frustuck” (A small breakfast). We had that at our bakery on our walk.  

We went downtown about 11:00 just to explore.  That’s when Al found the stand with all the grilled meat. I had already had a roll with lox, sliced egg and lettuce. Such good food.  There are some big department stores and all kinds of specialty shops and a very big and nice indoor mall.  It’s a great city with a mixture of old and new, French and German. 

Last night we watched a lot of basketball. We’ve got the schnitzel meal on the line for whoever picked best for the NCAA Tournament. We also got to Face Time with our kids yesterday and talked to all the grandchildren, except Zachary.  (He was napping.) That’s a red letter day. 


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