Al’s Dream!

Al's Dream!

Al and I found this stand set up downtown. They were grilling all these incredibly good smelling meats. There were even more on the other end that don’t show. Al had one of the very long ones.

4 thoughts on “Al’s Dream!

  1. I think a German gene must have crept into Al’s Norwegian DNA somehow! You can almost smell the aroma from this grill!! I’m glad to hear that you are walking a lot to offset all of this delicious food.

    • Hi Mary,

      Al does have some German in him from his Mom. It seems to be coming out in full force. He loves the brats and he LOVES the schnitzel!

      We do walk a lot, we have to! Oh my gosh! It’s just one temptation after another. I sure hope we can get together when you two are in Europe this summer!

      We’re off to France for dinner tonight with the general manager of the team and others. Love, Ingrid

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  2. Norm wrote to you with a question about his international phone hook up for when we come to France…. in your Face Book email. He isn’t sure that you are checking Face Book for email…. so…. give him a look.

    • Norm,

      Sorry about not answering your request. My German phone number is: 004917661881364. This number includes the code for Germany (00) if you are calling me from outside Germany. Hope to see you guys in June.

      All the best,


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