A Day in France

Today we drove south about 2 1/2 hours to Colmar, France. As we drove into Colmar, we were greeted by a replica of the Statue of Liberty. It’s creator, Bartholdi, was from Colmar. The city  is modern around the edge, but once we got downtown it was like stepping back in time. The buildings have been there a long time. They’re slightly crooked and you can see that the wooden beams have been there a long time. The cathedral was so huge and had gorgeous stained glass windows.  We also went to the Unterlinden Musee de France.  The museum is in a 700 year old convent.  There were many paintings, mostly religious, from the 1400’s. 

We ate flammenkuchen for lunch. They are a local specialty – similar to a thin crust pizza with cheese, onions, ham and a sauce.  Delicious!

We headed home on the Rue de Vin (the wine road). There were so many places to stop and sample wines. We only stopped at one. The wine was good and the bottles for sale were reasonably priced. 

We drove up to a castle on the top of a very high peak. It was built in the 1100’s.  Amazing!

The only tough part of the day was the fact that Brad, Al and I speak zero French!  My German is getting a little better each day. So I’m feeling more comfortable trying to communicate here.

1 thought on “A Day in France

  1. So happy you enjoyed Colmar and the wine road. What a beautiful sunny day you had to travel and discover. Saarbruken is in such a convient part of Europe to take these trips and see so much. We also loved the old town and the way the plaster seemed to “puff out” of the timbers. The church was incredible along with the altar pieces. I forgot about the replica of the Statue of Liberty as you entered the town. When we went there we seemed to around the town a few times until we found the correct road to the wine towns!! We had stayed a few nights at an inn just outside of Colmar and also spent a day in Frieberg and the Black Forest Road and Baden Baden. So much fun in that area. If you decide to go towards the black forest, let me know. Most of it looks like northern MN/WI but there is a nice stretch just from Frieberg for about 15 miles to a cute village and you get the jist of it. We had driven from BB to Colmar on the BFR (or some version of it part of the time as we got messed up with the GPS) and it took much of the day. You can’t believe how so very excited I am for you both to have this experience. I just want to be there right with you on your adventurs…..and with your wonderful pictures and blog, I feel I am there!!

    Duftys were with us until yesterday and we took the long way to Destin to meet Satters for lunch. We toured Pensacola, Pensacola Beach and took the 10 mile ride along the gulf and intercoastal to Navarre before getting to Destin. Without stops, we are about 1.5 hrs to Destin and to Satters from here would be about 2.5 hrs. We took Duftys to the Naval Museum and we ended up spending almost 3 hrs there on Thursday!!! Blue Angles were not practicing that day but all of us enjoyed the history and the new addition to the museum. On the day we were there, they dedicated a new exhibit to the women of the Navy…the Waves…..we spent some time talking to one of women who was a pilot in the Navy. This exhibit will grow as women are recognized in this line of the service. Turns out this woman is from NorthDakota and Dufty’s knew some of the same people she had as teachers in college.

    David and family come tomorrow for 5 days. Will probably skype with you after they leave to get caught up. Anxious to hear about what new adventure you have planned. Love, Joanne

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