The Familiar

We have been so excited discovering new things every day, but today the highlight of the day so far was something familiar – IKEA!  I had googled IKEA and thought the closest one was on the east side of Belgium, not too far away. WELL, Monday, driving home from Luxembourg, I saw a sign that said IKEA really close to home. I was riding with Kellers and I was quizzing them to make sure it was the IKEA I thought it was. They were amused by my excitement. They don’t think it’s a big deal.

This morning Al and I went to check it out and YES it was just what I expected. It was so much fun. I got a salad spinner, big white mugs, and various other familiar items that made me happy. Al got a table and two chairs for the football office/guest bedroom. 

Here are the differences between German IKEA and USA IKEA (all of which is really Swedish IKEA). 1.  Everything of course is written in German. Thank goodness we knew the routine or finding our table and chairs would have been tough. 2.  Here, you can have wine with your lunch at IKEA.  NOT an option in MN IKEA.   3.  The prices looked the same , but 150 euros is more than $150.00. So it costs a little more here.  Otherwise it was the same and we had fun. 

Now, tonight the men have a talk and walk through meeting and then we’re going out for schnitzel!

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