Coaching in Germany

  Obviously, you don’t have to be young to coach over here!  We have an extra bedroom in our flat that we are using for an office right now.  I have a defensive coordinator that I’ve hired…..Dan Runkle, who was the head coach at MSU for many years and now is the AD at Dubuque.  He can’t get here until May so I’ve hired a young guy from Gustavus, Brad Kruckeberg, to fill in the gap.  We meet every practice day to prepare the plan and talk football prior to conducting the practice in the evening.  Right now we are just getting started with outdoor practices…still fighting some snow and ice though.  Now the snow is gone but its been wet. The season starts May 19th and ends September 8th. 
I signed the St. Olaf QB…..quite a feat for a Gustavus grad!  He’s Dan Dobson, a Mankato West grad who was the best QB in the MIAC the last couple of years.  I have seen him play and believe he can do the things I need done in the spread offense.  He will be coming overApril 22nd, so I will have almost a month to get him “schooled up” on the offense.  I’m sending him a playbook as an attachment to email.   It’s really simple…by necessity.  We only get two practices per week with the team and sometimes players can’t be at both!  Really makes you prioritize….not much time for extra’s, just fundamentals!  They need so much work on position fundamentals.
I will be recruiting three more American players over the next month.  Got some offers out but players have options so it gets to be a “bidding” process to sort of the ones that you have a chance to get at.  We don’t consider ourselves one of the ”rich” clubs, too, so that makes it extra tough.  By April 1st, we hope to have four American players signed, whom I will also use as position coaches during practice.  I am still looking to sign a defensive front player, a cornerback/wide receiver, and a running back/defensive back.  Some players do play both sides of the ball with short breaks if a series either way runs on. 

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