A Day Trip with the Kellers

This afternoon, we drove with the Kellers, our landlords who live upstairs, to a lovely placI on the Saar River which runs through Saarbrucken and the area called Saarland.  Take note – the Saarland Hurricanes – Al’s team. It was beautiful even in in March. We had a beautiful day. See the pictures to follow. 

Next we went to visit Ralf Keller’s mother who is in a beautiful rehab center because she had a hip replacement done. We had coffee, tea, and again delicious pastries.   His mother is lovely and will come home Friday. She’s very happy about that. 

Then we drove a short,but beautiful drive to Luxembourg. We went there to get gas, coffee, and chocolates. These things are cheaper there so we bought all of the above. I thought of my mother. Those of who knew her will know why. I wanted so badly to be able to call her tonight. 

So we’re home now and Al is at a Hurricane’s board meeting. I’m doing some wash. It’s just like an evening in Battle Lake.  🙂

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