2 thoughts on “View From the Train

  1. What a wonderful day you had!!!! Yes, I love train travel and alway sharing stories with our travelers. The past few years we have had the europass and that is only in 1st class. There just are many business people that travel 1st class so we lost the great experiences we had in 2nd. Eurorail (bought prior to leaving USA) only offers 1st class packages. Not as crowded; bigger seats, but not at exciting. You learned a valuable lesson: ASK!!!! We had a similar encounter when leaving Berlin on a Sunday evening….our train was late and we just assumed the next train on the track would be ours. Of course, we did not understand the announcements in German but we did notice many people leaving the platform and going across to another platform. Someone realized we were confused and guided us to the correct train. If we missed that one f.rom Berlin to Fulda we would have been in Hamburg for the night instead!!! Loved your pictures and so happy you had time to connect with friends. Been beautiful here and time for a walk on the beach. Morning was busy with haircut(love it); some groc shopping and a long visit with Jan.
    Karen and Doug will be with us next week for a few nights and then they leave for a few nights with Satters. We will drive with them to Destin for late lunch. Need to skype one of these days.

    Tschuss, Joanne

  2. We DO ask! a lot. We stayed at Das Beck in Reutte because of Rick Steves. ( You told us about Rick Steves!) When I was checking out, I asked Inge one of the proprieters if she knew of a place to stay in Munich. She told us about Hotel One. The rooms were small as she said they would be, but it was clean, new and reasonable. Then I asked if she could recommend a place to eat. She gave me the name of a great little place she said she always goes to when she’s there. It was terrific food and the ambiance was so classic. We loved it! Sooooo – ASK. you know and we know, it’s the key!

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