Riding the train to Frankfurt

What an interesting day we had yesterday. Michael and Brad took us to the train station about 12:30.  Torsten, the General Manager of the Hurricanes, found us a good deal on tickets. Everyone was concerned about us driving to Frankfurt because of the parking. So by the train we went. What a great way to travel!

We boarded the train and chose seats with a table. So clean and so comfortable with very large clean windows.   It was so beautiful and without leaves on the trees yet we could see so well. There are advantages to winter. 🙂

We found Steve and Barb in the Frankfort train station with their friends Hans Peter and Christine. They invited us to their home for cake and coffee/tea. Oh my gosh there were three kinds of cake.   Barb and I shared two – a walnut torte and a kind of carrot cake with marzipan on top.  It was a treat. Then we walked to a restaurant and ordered. However, it took awhile for the food, and Al and I had to take two trains to get back to the big train station.  So we packed up our dinner which had just come, and said our goodbyes and thank yous. 

We were nervous, but we caught the correct first train and then made our switch to another and then found our train back to Saarbrucken with 15 minutes to spare. The main lesson we learned is ASK when in doubt and everyone was so helpful – the young Morrocan man who was new himself, the lady who didn’t know English but understood our hauptbahnhof (train station) and motioned us to follow her.  We were so proud of ourselves as we settled into our seats on the train back to Saarbrucken. Again we sat with the table which is an area for four. So as the train filled up we talked with a young German man on his way to Abu Dhabi who sat with us. He was on his way there for work and we learned so much about A D. He got off at the airport and a young German couple (students) who had just spent 4 days in Paris joined us.  They were full of information for us about what to see in the area. All these young people spoke English so well. 

For those of you who know Steve and Barb, it was amazing to see him walking and relatively strong. He said he knows his time is limited, but he’s writing a book and they’ve had a wonderful time in Europe – Vienna, Prague and Germany. Unbelievable. Hans Peter and Christine love to do Argentinian Tango dancing and he plays an old Argentinian instrument somewhat like an accordion.  Very interesting people!

So it was a successful day. Image

1 thought on “Riding the train to Frankfurt

  1. Loving the blog, Ingrid! Cake with marzipan — that is something I’m going to have to figure out how to do. Was it homemade? Can’t wait to ride the train with you!

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