The Snow Continued

Yesterday winter tried to make a real comeback. In spite of that, we did take two long walks on new paths.   The snow was wet and we probably got two inches.  In the afternoon Al and I went to Aldi’s to check it out. It’s arranged just like the one in Mankato, but the choices weren’t quite the same. There were beers, liquors and a large variety of wines to buy. The cheeses and meats (packaged) but so interesting and delicious – as we found out when we got home. And then there were the chocolates!!!  Some were for Easter, but most looked like they’re there all the time. Walking through required incredible self control. 

Next we shared a pastry and each had a coffee in a shop at the Wasgau. That’s an upscale grocery/bakery. 

The excitement of the day came when Al got an email that Michael Keller will be going to help the Saints in New Orleans for six weeks during the preseason. To say Michael is excited doesn’t really cover it. 

Today, Wednesday, Al and I are taking the train to Frankfurt to meet Steve and Barb Wilkinson. He is the retired tennis coach from Gustavus. I was in a book club with Barb all the years we lived in St. Peter.  We’re looking forward to seeing them. 

1 thought on “The Snow Continued

  1. Wish we there so we could hop the train from Fulda and have some time with you. Frankfurt is big and modern and the business city of Germany. We were told that after WWII, Frankfurt decided not to rebuild in its original style but to become the business captal. And, Munich decided to rebuild in its fun loving beer drinking Bavarian original city. We like them both but enjoy Munich much more. Frankfurt has a neat old town. Last time we were there we ejoyed some street mucisians and watched a wedding party stroll thru the squre. Ate at a pub right on the river. Please have patience with me….I just love to recollect the memories!!! Now, it is your time to make those memories. ENJOY!!!!! Also, have a good time with your frineds. Richard recalled Steve as being the fantastic tennis coach for GA. Are they there for work too.

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